Pastor Ginger Stevens is a seasoned minister in the Lord having been a student of the Bible all of her adult life, accepting Christ as her Savior at the age of 24.  In addition to ministerial studies, credentialing, and ordination with the Assemblies of God; she is credentialed with the International Fellowship of Chaplains. Pastor Ginger has invested a great deal of time in various Bible courses and training opportunities obtaining specialized training in Biblical Counseling, Public Speaking, Healing Ministries, Ministering Spiritual Gifts, In Christ’s Image, Hospice Volunteering, Marriage Enrichment, Leadership and Coaching Sessions and Catch the Fire’s Soaking School. 

She is a member of the Charlevoix Kiwanis Club, the Zonta Club, and the Charlevoix County Victim Services Unit.

She enjoys being home by the pool, snowshoeing, working out at the gym, jogging, motorcycle riding, worship and studying.

As the Pastor and Director of Third Day Fellowship & Outreach, it is her desire to be the hands, feet, eyes and heart of Jesus Christ here on this earth. To teach through servant-leadership the infinite, unconditional love God has for all mankind.  To serve and minister to those who are needy, broken, downtrodden, oppressed or lost bringing them to a saving knowledge of Christ. Witnessing dramatic transformation in lives through the love of God exhibited by His servants here on earth so that although someone may have to return to their environment, they will not return to their lifestyle.Pastor Ginger believes that every person has a place to serve in the body of Christ whether in large capacities or small and desires to bring her staff and volunteers into a fresh focus on outreach, evangelism, and community involvement by helping them discover God’s calling in their life, tapping into that person’s spiritual gifts and natural talents to train, equip and empower them to minister in the area that God has assigned to them, essentially giving them a place to belong and a place to work to further the Kingdom of God.  She sincerely believes that sanctification is a process and a journey ordained by God in a person’s life.  She believes that her assignment as a minister and an ambassador of Christ is to look for the gifts God has placed within people and encourage them to develop in their gifts and callings, disciple in serving in their church, their home and in their communities; while releasing them to try new things that may stretch them, causing them to grow in their spiritual life. New believers will be discipled and taught the Word of God to train and strengthen them in their walk with the Lord while mentoring them to begin serving out of the gifts and talents realized in Christ Jesus.  Pastor Ginger believes that if we put people in the path of God, He will do the rest!

Her heart’s desire is to teach people to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind that they may see Him. She says, “I asked the Lord, ‘May I teach them to see?’  And He said, ‘Teach them to love Me, then they will see.’”  She has made this her life’s mission!

Pastor Ginger Stevens

​Ordained Assemblies of God Minister